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3 Tips for Success When Building Your First Kit Car

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Do you have a dream car that you always hoped you would own someday? Well, why not make that dream a reality and build your own kit car! Building your own car is an accomplishment of a lifetime and can be a really fun hobby too. But before you get started on building your first kit car, let's take a look at a few important tips to keep in mind.

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Your Questions, Answered: Replica Car Kits FAQ

replica car kitWhether you’re a collector of classic cars, or just learning to love them, you may be thinking about purchasing a replica car kit. Yet with so many styles, kits and companies to choose from, starting this hobby can be a confusing process. Whatever model you might want to add to your garage, here are a few of the most common replica car questions answered.

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Be Prepared: 5 Essential Tools To Carry In Your Hot Rod Kit Car

hot rod kit carYou're traveling from roadshow to roadshow, and suddenly your newly built hot rod kit car breaks down. To avoid the disaster of being stuck with no way to repair your custom roadster, make sure to have some of these essential tools in your trunk. 


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3 Hobbies to Consider Trying Out This Summer

replica car kitAh, summer. With the long, sunny days and warm, star-filled nights, summertime is the perfect time to try new things. But more often than not, people find themselves glued to their couch in their spare time, simply because they don't know what to do. So to help you make the most of your summer, here are a few ideas for new hobbies you can give a try.

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Is a Replica Car Kit Right for You?

ac cobraAlmost everybody has their expensive, drool-worthy dream car. And while it would be nice to own your dream car, that's often not a possibility due to the high cost of really nice cars. Fortunately, you can own your dream car with a replica car kit. With the right tools and parts, you can be the owner of your very own custom roadster. But while many people are hesitant to build replica cars, this article is going to discuss a few great reasons to build your own replica car.

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