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Get Rid of the Minivan and Purchase the Muscle Car of Your Dreams

cobra kitThe first 75 Cobra Mark Is, including the prototype, were fitted with an especially strong V8 Ford Windsor engine (260 cu in). If you've ever imagined yourself driving in one of these muscle cars as you enjoy the summer breeze, you've probably snapped out of it quickly enough only to find yourself cruising down the carpool lane in a minivan or an old sedan.

Sadly, we can't all afford expensive custom roadsters, live in mansions, and do all the other fun stuff that our daydreams consist of. We can, however, still drive in the vehicle of our dreams --
as long as we know where to find a great kit car.

There are amazing AC Cobra kits available that you can purchase, which will give you that feeling of amazement you have felt slowly slipping away since you were a little kid. Since Carroll Shelby only built a handful of small-block Cobras and even less big-block versions throughout the 1960s, the child in you is extremely sad that you can never enjoy driving one of those beautiful pieces of human engineering. Life as an adult is full of little disappointments, and the truth is you'll never get to drive one of those iconic cars. But with a quality Cobra kit, you can still enjoy the next best thing.

Now, instead of daydreaming, you can order a Cobra car kit, head to your garage, and get to work. You'll get the satisfaction that comes from personally putting together the car of your dreams. Then, simply hop in and drive around the block, or the country, to your heart's content.

Even better, you won't have to deal with the impossible maintenance and repairs that come from owning a classic, 1960s-era car. Unlike a vintage classic car, which has to be kept behind the garage doors, you can actually drive your Cobra. Another reason these muscle car kits are so great for vehicle enthusiasts is the ability to customize them. As long as you know how to do some auto mechanic work (and if you don't, you can simply take your vehicle to a professional repair or auto body shop), you'll be able to tweak certain aspects of your new kit car to truly make the perfect vehicle for you to enjoy.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself just because you drive a boring car or minivan. Order a Shelby Cobra kit and get to work on your very own classic car.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of AC Cobra kits, contact Backdraft Racing.

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Don't Be Lazy! 3 Great Hobbies to Get Into

replica car kit

If you're sick of just watching television on your couch all day and want to actually spend some time being productive, you should consider doing something that you really enjoy. It's too easy to fall into lazy habits as soon as you get a few hours to yourself because you work so hard during the day, but if you allow yourself to do something you love in those precious hours, you'll actually feel even more energized afterwards. 

Here are a few excellent hobbies to get into this year. 


    1. Working on a replica car kit -- Haven't you always wanted an awesome muscle car or custom roadster? With a replica car kit you can get a great one for a fraction of the price. Perhaps your dream car has always been a 1960s big-block Shelby Cobra, of which only 350 were ever manufactured between 1962 to '68, you're probably not going to be able to come up with the insane amount of money to afford one of your own, but you can absolutely acquire a Cobra car kit. Working on these car kits is a great way to spend your time and learn a thing about vehicles, too.


    1. Brew your own beer -- Brewing your own beer has been gaining a large following over the last few years. Beer brewing a popular hobby because it involves one of the greatest things in the history of the world: beer. But it's also a lot of fun because it'll give you a sense of accomplishment afterwards.


  1. Start collecting vinyl -- The vinyl industry was nonexistent, then it peaked, then went away for a while, then came back, then died forever, and then came back stronger than ever. It's been a confusing trend to follow, but one thing is for sure: vinyl produces the highest quality sound imaginable. Whether it's your own record collection from back in the day or you just want to start collecting newer vinyl now, it's a great hobby to get into. Build your collection of excellent records and listen to some of the best music ever recorded.

Don't just let your lazy feelings overcome you and prevent you from doing something you love. Work on a replica car kit, brew your own beer, start collecting vinyl records, or do anything else other than sitting and watching TV. Enjoy yourself!

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Don't Let Billions of Dollars Get In Your Way of Obtaining Your Dream Car

Don't Let Billions of Dollars Get In Your Way of Obtaining Your Dream Car

If it weren't for Shelby Cobra kit car manufacturers, there would only be a few lucky souls driving a Cobra. One of the most popular vehicles of all-time, only a handful of Cobras have ever been built. Over a six-year period from 1962 to 1968, only 654 small-block Shelby Cobras were built and, even fewer big-block versions were built at 350.

One of the most replicated vehicles in the entire world is the AC Cobra. If you ever see one of these cars parked at your local grocery store, cruising around the neighborhood, or passing you on the expressway, you can revel in its beauty, sure, it'll be hard not to, but you should know that it's most likely a replica.

That doesn't mean it's not special, however. Original AC Cobras are simply too rare and too expensive for anyone to own who isn't in charge of some small country or kingdom. Ordinary people, from middle class to even the very wealthy, who are also classic car lovers would much rather save the money and drive replica copies of their favorite rides.

Thanks to Backdraft Racing, Josh Vollmer, of Cicero, New York, now owns a fully replicated AC Cobra that was put together in South Africa.

"I wanted one of these cars," said Vollmer. "I loved the AC Cobra and thought that someday I would have one."

According to Syracuse.com, the engine Josh selected to install is a Ford 347 stroker, his Cobra's wheelbase sits at 90 inches, the length of the vehicle is 153.5 inches, and is 45.3 inches tall, and 67.5 inches wide.

Although Vollmer received his complete vehicle from Cobra kit car manufacturers, if you've a serious classic car lover and want to begin a productive, creative, and practical project, building your own replica from scratch, with just the chassis and the rest of the replica kit items spread out around your garage, can be a lot of fun.

Don't think that just because you're not a billionaire that you won't be able to drive your dream car one day. If you want to ride down your local roads in an AC Cobra, there is still time. If you want to contact Cobra kit car manufacturers, talk to Backdraft Racing today.

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Which Classic Roadster Is the Perfect Kit Car for Auto Enthusiasts?

Cobra Kit

What do you picture when you hear the term “kit car”? Is it a compact roadster with a classic, swooping silhouette, racing stripes, and enough power to knock you off your feet? Chances are you’re picturing the Shelby Cobra.

Below are four reasons this iconic British racer is the quintessential kit car for the 21st century:

  1. Timeless body lines

    The Shelby Cobra kit car’s iconic, swooping body lines have remained unchanged since the initial production of the British roadster. It’s the gorgeous design of this car that many auto replica and racing enthusiasts consider to be its greatest asset.

  2. High power, low weight
    The classic body design also lends itself to a unique power-to-weight ratio. While some racing cars tend to weigh up to 3,400 pounds, Cobras are known for being much lighter. This gives it the ability make 400 horsepower feel even more powerful. With a Cobra kit, you have the option to throw in a variety of different engines -- V-8, V-6, electric -- which gives the car a power-to-weight ratio you may not have ever thought possible.

  3. Customization
    The engine isn’t the only part of the car you can switch up. Whether you’re on the track or just cruising around town, your Cobra can be as unique as you are. With this kind of kit car, you can choose any color, striping, chin spoiler, etc. to make your Cobra one of a kind. Of course, you can also go for the classic, vintage Cobra look.

  4. Easy construction
    If you’ve ever dreamt of building your own car, the Shelby Cobra kit car is the package for you. They are fairly straightforward to construct, so even a beginner can do it. It doesn’t include any advanced electronics, and the instructions are easy to follow, making this compact roadster one of the less labor-intensive DIY kit car projects out there.

It’s easy to see why this small but powerful roadster is a favorite among car enthusiasts and replica-lovers. The construction process is easy and the car’s performance is unparalleled. If you’re new to the scene, the Shelby Cobra is the perfect kit car to get you started.

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3 Reasons Authentic Replication is So Popular Among Car Aficionados

authentic replicationAuthentic replication vehicles are great for vintage car collectors who might not be so eager to spend a fortune on the real thing. Plus, classic cars are classic for a reason, and they can be nearly impossible to find, even if you happen to have seven-figure sums to spare. Carroll Shelby, for example, only built 654 small-block Cobras and 350 big-block versions over a six-year period from 1962 to 1968. Purchasing one of those 1,004 vehicles, if you can even find them, might be extremely expensive.

Authentic replication Shelby Cobra kits, however, are much more cost friendly and look just as great as the originals.

Not only that, but according to Classic Cars, the idea for authentic replication continuation vehicles is attributed to Carroll Shelby himself.

In the 1980s, Shelby Automotive began building cars to order using the original chassis design. Many of these cars were manufactured with either aluminum or fiberglass, and all of them carried an original Shelby CSX chassis number.

"These cars are great because they pay tribute to the heritage of these companies the models which marked a high point for them," said Don Rose, a car specialist for RM Sotheby and owner of a period-built DB4 GT.

These custom model cars "remind people just how potent and special these cars and companies that built them are," Rose added.

Unlike Jaguar and Aston Martin, Shelby Cobra has no production limitations and can create whatever product the customer needs to replicate whatever vehicle they so love.

There are three major reasons why authentic vehicle replication is so popular for car aficionados:

  1. Authenticity -- Because replicas are nearly identical to the original, just about anyone you drive by will not be able to tell the difference. Even gear heads who love cars more than anything will have trouble differentiating a Shelby kit with the real one. If you truly love your replica car as much as you should, even you won't be able to tell the difference.
  3. Performance -- Muscle car replicas and other high performance vehicles actually can perform just as well as their originals. Because they drive so well, many manufacturers have to actually downplay their vehicular capabilities in order to please insurance companies.
  5. Flexibility -- There are so many customizations that are possible thanks to replica vehicles. You can increase the size of the rims, improve the look of the spoilers, and do whatever you want with the grills to give it the exact look you want.

Plus, did we mention that authentic replications and Shelby Cobra kit cars don't cost seven figures?

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1965 Shelby Mustang On the Market for $1.2 Million

cobra car kit

In 1964, a groundbreaking new muscle car would go on to international fame after breaking 186 miles an hour on a British motorway. The car was the Shelby Daytona AC Cobra Coupe, designed by legendary driver and auto designer Carroll Shelby.

Today, 52 years later, a Carroll Shelby Mustang GT350, a vehicle that was used in Shelby's driving school, is up for sale for only $1.2 million.

"People don't buy a car for what the sheet metal looks like," said Mark Logan, an expert on Shelby vehicles. "They're buying the story behind the car. That's the appealing part of this one: why it was used, where it was used and who drove it. And the fact that it was one of the three that Carroll had at the driving school."

The Carroll Shelby School of High Performance Driving, America's first ever racing school, featured this very $1 million Mustang. After winning Sports Illustrated's "Driver of the Year" award in 1957 and 1957, Shelby, alongside partner and friend Pete Brock, opened the Goodyear Racing Tire Distributorship that evolved into his own high performance driving school.

According to Classic Cars, Shelby ran his revolutionary driving school at Riverside International Raceway in California, where he taught movie stars, fashion models, future racing stars, and regular car enthusiasts how to drive like the best.

"This particular car was used to teach people how to drive a race car," Logan added, referring to the newly for sale Shelby Mustang. "There were a lot of stars back in the day that spent time behind the wheel of this one. Jim Garner was one of the people who learned to drive in the car, among others."

To the untrained eye, or someone who isn't exactly a car enthusiast, the car isn't worth as much as its price tag. But to the vintage Shelby collector, or a vehicle lover who has a soft spot for historically significant racecars, this Shelby is a gold mine.

For most people, however, spending over $1 million on a vehicle just isn't feasible. The best alternative? Purchase an identical Shelby Cobra car kit.

These Shelby Cobra kits are great for Shelby lovers who are more realistic about their spending habits. Of course, if you have a few million dollars sitting around, definitely go for it. For everyone else, there's the Shelby Cobra car kit.

Want to learn more? Contact Back Draft Racing and discover our classic Shelby Cobra car kits today.

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Shelby Cobra Kit: It's Never Too Late to Own Your Dream Car

Shelby Cobra Kit: It's Never Too Late to Own Your Dream Car

Everyone has a favorite car, even if it's something cliche like the "Back to the Future" Delorean. Some people like more modern futuristic vehicles that are just being released as concept cars and some people have a more classic taste. Muscle cars, for instance, have an extremely large following. Many people wish they could go back in time and somehow afford a Shelby Cobra big-block, of which there were only 350 made from 1962 until 1968, or one of the 654 small-block Cobras, but, sadly, that can only happen in your wildest dreams.

There is still a way for these Shelby Cobra enthusiasts to get their hands on their very own dream car, though.

The Replica Car Bill Is a Win for Cobra Lovers

After the passage of last year's replica car bill, which was tucked into the $305 billion highway spending bill, it's easier than ever to order vintage car kits. Replica companies are now able to sell up to 325 reproductions of a vehicle model that's at least 25 years old.

"With this new law, Congress has demonstrated that it understands the importance of enabling U.S. companies to produce classic-themed vehicles that are virtually impossible to build under the current one-size-fits-all regulatory framework," said Chris Kersting, President and CEO of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA). "This program will create auto sector jobs and meet consumer demand for cars that help preserve our American heritage."

According to AutoBlog, SEMA, which was founded in 1963, backs the $36 billion specialty automotive industry and is the authoritative source for research, trends, data, and market growth information for the specialty auto parts industry.

"This law gives enthusiasts the opportunity to buy turn-key replica cars while preserving their option to build one from a kit," said Doug Evans, SEMA Chairman of the Board. "It recognizes the unique circumstances associated with limited production replica vehicles, such as the '32 Roadster and '65 Cobra, which are primarily used in exhibitions."

Looking for a Cobra Replica for Sale? Check Out Replica Car Kits

Now those people who might've been children in the late '60s wishing they had their own Cobra in their garage can do just that. They can have a Shelby Cobra kit with a full powertrain that, up until President Obama signed the highway bill, had to be installed manually by the customer.

Custom car kits certainly aren't for everyone, but for vintage muscle car enthusiasts, they are the only item in the world that comes close to the real thing.

If you want to learn more about acquiring your very own Shelby Cobra car kit, check out BackDraftRacing.com.

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Shelby Cobra Displayed at Pebble Beach Car Show

cobra"I couldn't believe it was real," said Evan Metropoulos, a classic car collector, referring to the day he first laid eyes on a Shelby Cobra.

The car has remained hidden, for the most part, since it was first purchased in North Carolina in 1968. From '62 to '68, Carroll Shelby built only 350 big-block vehicles, one of which famously reached 186 mph in England in 1964.

According to The New York Times, this August, the car can be seen at a "postwar preservation" class at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in Carmel, California.

"Only a few years ago, Pebble had no preservation class," said Bruce Meyer, a Beverly Hills car collector. "But now there's one in every major concours. Now, when people find cars that are presentable, they're leaving them that way. A classic car is only original once."

The Los Angeles Times also reports that this will be the 18th annual Pebble Beach car show, where some of the most prestigious and sought-after vehicles will be on display for car lovers to enjoy.

"With less than 3,000 miles on the clock, and in this condition, I'm not aware of any Cobra that's more original than CSX3346, said Shelby American Automobile Club registrar Ned Scudder. "It's really quite extraordinary."

Although there is nothing better than owning the original, a replica car kit might be a more feasible option for many. Some classic muscle cars can be so expensive, most people would never even dream of having enough money to afford an original one. A Shelby Cobra kit, however, can provide car lovers with an exact copy, minus the year's of driving and maintenance.

Some roadsters and racing cars can weigh more than 3,400 pounds. But Shelby's vehicles are known for weighing much less. With your own replica kit, you could even go lighter if you put in a smaller engine, depending on if you'd rather have the car be identical to the original specs or an adapted version.

If you want to own your dream car but don't want to sell your entire life's savings, check out Backdraft Racing today!

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Carroll Shelby's First Ever Cobra is Going Up for Sale, Could be Most Expensive Car Ever

shelby cobra kitThere aren't that many car companies -- or other companies, for that matter -- that have as much of a cult following as the Shelby Cobra. Because of Cobra's popularity, when the first Cobra ever created goes up for auction, there is a good chance it'll be the most expensive American car in history.

"Carroll Shelby -- the man, the larger-than-life Texan, and the battle-tested racing veteran -- fired a shot across the bow of every sports car manufacturer in the world," said R.M. Sotheby, a 35-year classic car collector and auction company. "In doing so, he set the car world on fire with the Cobra."

People love the Shelby Cobra for numerous reasons, but one of the major reasons is Carroll Shelby's idea of putting a powerful American V8 motor into a small British sports car. No one had ever considered that before, and it lead Shelby to win numerous races around the world.

According to Business Insider, the first Cobra ever -- the CSX2000 -- created will be auctioned off at the Pebble Beach Concours de'Elegance in California this August.

"I've been offered a lot of money a lot of times," said Shelby, who owned the car until his death in 2012. "It'll never be sold if I have anything to say about it. I want that car to remain in my family forever. Every time I look at that old car, I think, 'Shelby, you lucky son-of-a-b*tch.'"

The Cobra was designed to be a "Corvette-Beater," and it weighed 500 pounds less than a Corvette. Most roadsters weigh up to 3,400 pounds, but Cobras were much lighter. In 1964, the Cobra turned many heads in the racing industry when it reached more than 185 miles per hour on a British motorway.

What if fans of Shelby Cobra cars are not up for paying potentially the highest price ever? Luckily, there are still other options.

The Shelby Cobra kit is a great option for fans who want to have their dream car in their garage but don't want to spend more money than they can even imagine having. Shelby Cobra kits contain just about everything the original ride came with and can be customized to the driver's liking. Cobra car kits are great because they're inexpensive, they're fun to assemble, and they are real Shelby Cobras.

If you want a Shelby Cobra kit of your own, check out BackDraftRacing.com today!

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Finally Have the Car of Your Dreams: Build it Yourself

shelby cobra kit>Your car gets you from point A to point B. That's its purpose. You shouldn't really expect them to do anything else for you, which is fine. That's where other vehicles come in.

Classic Muscle Cars
Owning a vintage muscle car has so many advantages. It's something that not everyone does, but it's almost guaranteed that almost everyone wished they did. Unfortunately, unless you have kept your 1968 roadster in great condition over the last 48 years, attaining a classic muscle car can be pretty expensive.

There is a way to own the car of your dreams without selling your life away, however. You can actually build one yourself! Not the easiest thing in the world to do, but if you're serious about owning a classic muscle car, why not give it a try? You might end up living in a real one if you have to shell out a couple hundred grand, so smartening up and buying a muscle car kit to build your own is the way to go.

Here are a few reasons why you should build your own muscle car:

It's Been Your Dream
When you were a kid and you dreamed about having a beautiful 1962 Shelby Cobra in your own garage, you probably didn't even think about the possibility of building it yourself. You'll feel great and accomplished once you finish building the car, and then you can really take a step back and let your inner child cheer in excitement. You did it. You finally have your dream car.

Musle Car Community

If you can get away from the guys who continually grill you on every single detail of your car, guys who probably have some sort of a mullet, then you'll actually meet some pretty cool people. Vehicle appreciation is one of the main hobbies in the country, so you will surely run into a few likeminded car lovers who you can chat about your ride with.

Expand Your Automobile Knowledge
Building those model cars in your basement 30 years ago was a practice run for the adventure you are about to embark on. Building your own muscle car will teach you everything you need to know about the auto industry, and you'll even be qualified as a person who knows what they're talking about. That's all we really want in this world -- we want other car lovers to quietly say to themselves, "that person knows."

Carroll Shelby built small-block and big-block Cobras from 1962 until 1968, designing them to be "Corvette-Beaters," even though there were almost 500 pounds lighter than Corvettes and are much lighter than other roadsters that can weight up to 3,400 pounds.

You can build your very own Shelby Cobra kit car and will love the final result. The Shelby Cobra kit comes with everything that you'll need to start and finish your car-building project. Once you're finished, you'll not only have the car of your dreams, but the satisfaction that comes from knowing you did it all yourself.

Talk to Backdraft Racing if you want to learn more about a Shelby Cobra kit.

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A History of the AC Shelby Cobra

ac cobra replicaThere is no doubt that the Shelby Cobra is one of the most popular cars in the history of American sports cars.

The story begins in the early 1960s when U.S. automotive designer Carrol Shelby decided to take on the bold task of creating a unique American sports car that could become a “Corvette-Beater.” In other words, he wanted to design a car that could out-race the popular Chevrolet Corvette.

In 1961, Shelby traveled to England to meet with the Hurlock family, owners of AC Cars. He proposed his idea of building a car that would be modified to run on a V8 engine. The car manufacturer accepted.

Shelby then flew back to the U.S. to find an engine that would fit. He asked Chevrolet to supply the engine, but because they feared any competition, they politely refused. Fortunately, Ford had just produced a brand new lightweight V8 engine that would fit Shelby’s requirements, and they gave him two.

A year later, AC Cars started to build the prototype for the very first AC Shelby Cobra car. Road tests began shortly after. Between 1962 and 1968, Shelby built 654 small-block Cobras and 350 big-block models.

The first Cobra was featured on the cover of Sports Car Graphic in the May 1962 issue. The magazine described the Cobra as “one of the most impressive production sports cars we’ve ever driven. Its acceleration … can only be described as explosive and at least equal to that of the better running hot Corvettes and Berlinettas we’ve driven.”

At the Riverside International Raceway on February 2, 1963, driver Dave MacDonald raced the AC Shelby Cobra roadster past every single Corvette, Jaguar, Porsche, and Maserati. This marked the Cobra’s first victory in racing history.

An AC Cobra Coupe, driven by Jack Sears and Peter Bolton, famously reached 186 mph (299 km/h) on a British motorway in 1964.

Over the past 50 years, the AC Cobra has become one of the most sought-after sports cars on the market. AC Cobra replicas and Cobra car kits are wildly popular among car enthusiasts.

Have you ever used a kit to build an AC Cobra replica? What do you love most about the Shelby Cobra? Feel free to post in the comments section below.

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3 Reasons to Build Your Own Shelby Cobra

cobra kit car manufacturersAny serious car enthusiast will tell you that an authentic Shelby Cobra is hard to come by. Invented in 1962, Carroll Shelby introduced the Shelby Coupe to the performance driving vehicle world. Designed to be a "Corvette beater," the Shelby Cobra was lightweight in design, weighing up to 500 pounds less than a standard Chevrolet Corvette. And Carroll Shelby didn't just make these vehicles small in size -- he made them small in supply too. There are ultimately only 584 Mark II models built in 1964, and between 1962 and 1968, Shelby only built 654 small-block Cobras and 350 big-block versions.

That being said, it can be pretty difficult -- and pricey -- to get your hands on one of these machines this day and age. But luckily, that's where authentic replication comes in.

People have been building their own automobiles since the beginning of time. But back then, people didn't have the knowledge and capabilities of the Internet, nor the resources of auto-body shops that offer upgrade parts and replica car kits. Now, you too can have an authentic replication of your own Shelby Cobra, without having to spend you life's savings on a single vehicle. Cobra kit car manufacturers supply you with the necessary supplies that can help turn any car into the custom roadster of your dreams.

Still looking for reasons to build your own car? Here are some awesome reasons:

Improve an existing car design
If you thought that you couldn't possibly improve Shelby Cobra's original model, Cobra kit car manufacturers have suddenly made this dream entirely possible. Replication allows you to add any modern or personal touches that you desire on your kit car. 

Learn about car engineering
What better way to learn about cars than to build one yourself? Building a car will help you to learn firsthand exactly what it takes to make that engine purr.

Save money
Let's face it, not all of us can afford to drop a couple hundred thousand bucks on a limited edition roadster. Building your own car will allow you to have the car of your dreams on the budget of your dreams.

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Baume and Mercier Release Two Limiited Edition Watches Inpired By the Shelby 289 Roadster

cobra kitThe Shelby Cobra has made quite the impact on the world. Invented by Carrol Shelby in the early 1960s, the AC Cobra was designed to be a "Corvette beater," boasting a significantly lighter weight athat made the car that much faster. And low and behold, in 1965, the Shelby Daytona went on to be the first car built by an American constructor to win a title at the FIA World Sportscar Championship.

Nowadays, people will do whatever they can to get a piece of the high-performance action. Unfortunately, Shelby Cobras are as rare as they are fast. In fact, between 1962 and 1968, Shelby only built 654 small-block Cobras and 350 big-block Cobras.

To commemorate this rarity and to give lovers of the Cobra a chance to wear a piece of history, Baume and Mercier partnered with the celebrated racecar manufacturer to create two limited edition men's watches. Specifically, the new limited edition watches were inspired by one of the most famous Cobra vehicles in history: CSX2128 the 289 roadster. In 1963, the muscle car conquered the grueling 12-hour Sebring race. The Swiss-made self-winding watch demonstrates the same flawless accuracy. On the back of the case, the phrase "one out of 1963" is engraved, along with a sapphire crystal feature of the car's race number.

While this watch is quite the commemoration, not everyone wants to wear a piece of Shelby Cobra history on their wrist -- they'd rather be driving it. And while it might not be feasible to purchase an authentic AC Cobra, you may want to consider authentic replication.

The process of authentic replication allows you to create your own custom roadster using whatever engine you have. All you need is to purchase a replica car kit, specifically a Shelby Cobra kit. These Cobra kits can help you to make the custom roadster of your dreams, and with added benefits. Unlike an original, you can manipulate the specs of the car in any fashion you'd like, making it a more versatile and stylish ride.

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If You're Looking for an Authentic Replication of a High-Performance Car, You Need to Check Out AC Cobra Kits

authentic replicationIn the old days, you either had enough money to buy the coolest car available, or you simply had to settle for something a bit more tame. In 2016, hardcore gearheads can find affordable AC Cobra kits to live out their dreams and make all their friends jealous without completely destroying their bank accounts.

The Shelby Cobra kit car is something truly unique, perfectly combining the Shelby's unique exterior beauty with its unmatched interior performance capabilities. It's an authentic replication that gearheads recognize as something much more than a "knock-off" or a "duplicate." It's the real deal, and you'll find it hard to drive your girlfriend's car ever again after hearing the purr of a Cobra replica.

Perhaps the best part of owning a custom roadster is the ability to customize and enhance your vehicle. Whether you like to drive road or track, these Cobra kit cars have you covered. Here are just three of the reasons that you need to check out Shelby Cobra kits:

  • Authentic replication. If you don't know the rich history of Shelby Cobras, here's a quick overview: Shelby's original AC Cobras were designed to be "Corvette-Beaters," despite weighing almost 500 pounds less than Chevrolet Corvette. In its heyday, there was no roadster that could even remotely compete with the Cobra. In fact, an AC Cobra Coupe famously reached 186 mph (299 km/h) on a British motorway in 1964. As you can imagine, these top speeds have dramatically increased over the years, and Shelby Cobra kits are an identical, authentic replication of this legendary vehicle.
  • Incomparable performance. When a car is so fast that manufacturers have to lie about its true performance capabilities, you know you've found a true gem. Several manufacturers advertised the horsepower of the Shelby Mustang GT 500 as 335, a low estimate to appease insurance companies if you can believe it. The actual horsepower was close to 400, and you can experience this incredible power with a replica car kit.
  • Endless customization. Shelby Cobra kits are the best gift for gearheads, because the sky is the limit when it comes to customization. You can add unique grills, spoilers, bigger rims, and a host of other amazing features. Plus, you can obtain a Cobra kit car in almost any stage, which is great for those who desire a more turnkey experience.

If you want to feel the wind blowing through your hair in a stylish roadster without breaking the bank, you need to check out Cobra kit cars. Find a great online retailer with Shelby Cobra kits and join the prestigious club of Shelby owners.

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Unattainable Design Now Within Reach: How To Build Your Own Muscle Car

ac cobra kitThe Perfect Muscle Car
What's fast, sleek, and shiny? Oh, just one of the fastest and most coveted muscle cars in the world: the AC Cobra. This beautiful classic was so fast that manufacturers had to lie about the horsepower in order to appease insurance companies. They actually told insurance providers it had the horsepower of 335, when in reality, it was closer 400. 

The original AC Cobras were fitted with the 260 cu in, a V8 Ford Windsor engine. Unofficially dubbed "Corvette Beaters" despite weighing a full 500 pounds less than the Chevrolet Corvette, the lightweight little coupes were known for their speed. An AC Cobra Coupe famously reached 186 mph in 1964 on a British motorway. And it's all thanks Carroll Shelby, a retired racer turned automotive tinkerer.

The Not-So-Perfect Price Tag
Unfortunately, this timely piece of Americana isn't accessible to everyone -- mostly because of the hefty price tag. Not only that, but there's also an incredibly limited number. Shelby only built 654 small-block Cobras and 350 big-block versions between 1962 and 1968. Depending on the quality, model, and provenance of the original vehicles, they can be priced anywhere from $300,000 to several million. Shelby's own Cobra was auctioned off for $5.3 million.

The Do-It-Yourself Solution You Never Dreamed Of
Instead of spending time and money looking for an original model, you can make your own Cobra using a vehicle you already have. With the AC Cobra kit, you can turn a regular vehicle into the Cobra you've always dreamed of. Whether it be stored safely in your garage, reserved for warm summery days, or for regular use, the AC Cobra kit delivers speed and grace.

Replace the old body and frame of your car with the new parts provided by AC Cobra kits to create an authentic replica and ride around in style. If you upgrade parts and do some Shelby-esque tinkering, you'll be out on the road and track in no time.

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Here's Why the Shelby Cobra is the Greatest Muscle Car in History

muscle car

There's no question that competition is high in the muscle car industry, but one manufacturer and model still reigns supreme as the most coveted in America. The Shelby Cobra car kit can turn a regular vehicle into something truly special, and owning a Shelby Cobra is one of the best feelings a real gearhead could ever have.

A custom roadster that is ideal for both road and track, Shelby Cobras continue to impress gearheads around the world because of their historic legacy, incomparable performance, and limitless customization options.

Because of how special these cars are, you need to make sure you're servicing your new Cobra whenever needed. Experienced Cobra kit car manufacturers can provide you with a unique vehicle as well as the tools and service you need to get the most out of your investment. Here are just three of the many reasons that the Shelby Cobra continues to be known as the greatest muscle car in history:

  • An American icon. The first 75 Cobra Mark I (including the prototype) were fitted with the 260 cu in, a V8 Ford Windsor engine. Since then, it's been an uphill climb to the top of the muscle car industry. If you're looking for a true slice of Americana to park in your garage, then look no further than the Shelby Cobra. Real gearheads understand just how rare it is for a car of this quality to maintain its storied legacy while still managing to modernize and improve with every passing year.

  • Superior performance. While Shelby Cobras are gorgeous to stare at, they're even more beautiful once you get them on the road or track. An AC Cobra Coupe famously reached 186 mph (299 km/h) on a British motorway in 1964, and that's peanuts compared to what they can do today. A key aspect of Cobras' enhanced performance is its light weight. While some racing cars or roadsters can weigh up to 3,400 pounds, Cobras are known for weighing much less.

  • Endless customization. If you're planning on installing your own AC Cobra kit, you probably already know how fun this experience can be. Cobras are some of the most customizable vehicles on the planet, and there is no limit to the ways you can personalize your brand new muscle car. A great Cobra manufacturer and retailer will have the parts you need to take your Cobra to the next level.

There's nothing quite like owning a Shelby Cobra, and no muscle car can even come close to its legacy, performance, and customization. Invest in the perfect AC Cobra replica or car kit and start turning heads on the road.

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Backdraft Raciing with SuperCar Week






Happy new year everyone!!  Yes it’s the start of a beautiful new year which means that it’s time for the Palm Beach SuperCar Show on Flagler Dr this coming Sunday, Jan 10th, 2016.


Backdraft will be in full support of the show with our usual LARGE TRAILER DISPLAY.   As per last year, additional parking spaces have been arranged for Owners to bring their cars and join us at the show, courtesy of Backdraft.  We have a maximum of 20 spaces available, which will be on a first come basis.  Entry to the show is free!!

We have 2 meet-up venue’s planned with a nice cruise along the Palm Beach beach front to the show entrance on Flagler Dr.  Should be a lot of fun again this year and we are looking forward to seeing all of you.  For more information about the Palm Beach SuperCar event, please visit :   www.supercarweek.com/


Those owners wanting to join, please drop me an email or let us know you are going, at the Backdraft Boys Facebook Page,  https://www.facebook.com/groups/Backdraftboys/


Important Notes :


  • Meeting Point 1  - Arrive   8:00 am  at Backdraft House  (3210 SW 14th Place, Boynton Beach, 33426)
  • Meeting Point 1  - Departing  at  8:15am for Dunking Donuts
  • Meeting Point 2  - Arrive 8:30 am Dunkin Donuts (242 S Congress Ave, West Palm Beach, 33406)
  • Meeting Point 2  - Departing at 8:45 am for the show entrance on Flagler Dr.
  • Please make sure you are at your chosen meeting point at least 10 minutes prior to the groups departure time.
  • See attached Map for an overview of the route (Map Supercar.jpeg)



Some important links :

Google Map of the Route & meeting point  :   https://goo.gl/maps/uMaK3DDP4gk


Further event updates at Backdraft Boys Group on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/groups/Backdraftboys/

If you haven’t yet joined this private group, now is a great time to do so.

For more details of the show, please visit  www.supercarweek.com/

 Hoping for a good turn out  and of course great weather!!

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2016 Mustang Shelby GT350 Wins Yahoo Autos Epic Car of the Year

muscle carPerformance, design, and ultimately bragging rights have always been at the heart of the high-performance car industry. In fact, Shelby's original AC Cobras were designed to be "Corvette-Beaters," though they weighed almost 500 pounds less than Chevrolet Corvette. Although the glory days of muscle cars are in the past, much of that competitive spirit still runs strong today and is proven by one of the most recent additions to the Ford family.

One of the most anticipated "new age" muscle cars of the year is the 2016 Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang. That anticipation seems well-deserved as it was just announced Yahoo Autos named the new model their Epic Ride of the Year, according to Yahoo.com.

The car division of the popular search engine and news website selected the new Shelby muscle car out of 22 high-performance models for 2016 from companies including Chevrolet, Cadillac, and Lexus.

Fans of custom roadsters and Shelby Cobra kit cars alike are sure to enjoy the sleek new design and 526 horsepower, 5.2-liter flat-plane crank V-8 engine. Those numbers are well above even the real ones for the Shelby Mustang GT 500, which was advertised by the manufacturers as 335 to appease insurance companies, but was really closer to 400.

Many in the industry are crediting the new flat-plane crankshaft for a lot of the performance and corresponding audio appeal. Usually reserved for Ferraris or race cars, it helps that the car can hit 8,000 RPMs without breaking a sweat. As Yahoo Autos writer Alex Lloyd, who got to test drive it, wrote, when fired up the Shelby GT350 engine has, "gurgling and popping like a tectonic shift capable of demolishing an entire continent."

It's unclear just how fast the new Shelby tops out at, but by the sounds of it she should be able to hold her own even against the AC Cobra Coupe, which famously reached 186 mph (299 km/h) on a British motorway in 1964.

The glory days of muscle cars might be over, but that doesn't mean a new treasure can't spring up every now and then.

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The 104th Shelby Cobra Model in 'Guardsman Blue' is Making its Way to Salzberg

performance drivingAnyone who's a fan of the Shelby Cobra knows that finding an original is a difficult task, indeed. From 1962 through 1968, Carroll Shelby only built 654 small-block Cobras, around 350 big-block Cobras, and 538 Mark II models in 1964. Because of their limited availability, original models of Shelby Cobras are few and far between -- and extremely pricey.

This is more than true for the Shelby Cobra CSX2104. As the 104th Shelby Cobra model built, this car has a traceable chain of ownership and a mileage count that is remarkably low. Among the owners was a woman named Rozella Ruch, a Hawaiian resident who had the car for 15 years, up until her death in 1987.

And the CSX2104 isn't only special for its low mileage and traceable lineage. In fact, the color of the model is 'Guardsman Blue'. According to classicdriver.com, the color was the very hue that Carroll Shelby adopted for his racing squadron, and was frequently seen on the Daytona Coupe models. With less than 10,000 miles on this belt, this car is an extremely desirable model of the performance driving vehicle, and will be on sale in mid-October at a show in Salzberg. The price tag? Up to 1.25 million Euros, or $1,430,537.50.

For those trying not to spend every last penny and then some on the performance driving vehicle of their dreams, there are other ways to procure a muscle car within your price range. Consider opting for authentic replication using a Cobra car kit.

Using a cobra kit, you can construct the ideal Shelby Cobra replication, making a "Corvette Beater" of your own. With authentic replication, one is able to have total control over the construction of their car, from engine to exterior. This way, the car of your dreams is both affordable and exactly what you wished for.

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The Shelby Cobra: 3 Generations of One of the Best Muscle Cars

muscle carMuscle cars have been around for the last 60 years or so in the United States. They are an iconic part of the American manufacturing lexicon and tribute to the industrial superiority of years past. One of the best and most popular muscle car in existence is the Shelby Cobra. The rarity and expensive nature of the car make even Shelby Cobra kit cars a prevalent alternative. If you're looking for an authentic Cobra, though, there are many different versions and types to choose from. Here are three of the main generations of Shelby Cobras throughout history.

1. First Models:

The first Shelby Cobra cars were built by Carroll Shelby from 1962-68. They were either 654 small-block or 350 big-block engine versions. Some Shelby cars weren't officially named Cobras, but rather GT350 and GT500 in 1965. They originally acquired the moniker because Shelby American, who produced the cars at that time, fitted each model with a Cobra emblem and option valve covers. These early generations were the very definition of muscle cars. They were not built for leisurely or performance driving necessarily, but actual racing. The original AC Cobras were designed to be "Corvette-Beaters," and weighed 500 pounds less than their Chevrolet counterparts. In one famous case an AC Cobra Coupe hit 186 mph in 1964 on a British motorway

2. Second Generation:

The Shelby Cobras ceased production for almost 40 years from 1970 till 2006 when Ford released the Shelby GT-H. It came in black and gold and was only available at Hertz rental car agencies. A total of 500 cars were built to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the GT350H. Ford has continued production of the classic car ever since releasing updated version virtually every year.

3. Third Generation:

Up until this year little changed in the Cobra. In 2015 though they launched the third generation Shelby GT. Based on the Ford Mustang GT it was an effort to give the classic car a more aggressive look. Rockers, splitters, a spoiler, and carbon fiber hood give this old school muscle car a modern edge. With 627 horse power it still stays true to its racing roots.

The Shelby Cobra has come a long way since Carroll Shelby first designed the originals back in the day. While some people detest the modern features and style of the newer models, others praise the ingenuity and creativity it takes to make an old car new. Today, there is even an ecoboost option available. Better for the environment, but certainly not what traditional lovers will be lining up to buy.

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