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Shelby Cobra Displayed at Pebble Beach Car Show

cobra"I couldn't believe it was real," said Evan Metropoulos, a classic car collector, referring to the day he first laid eyes on a Shelby Cobra.

The car has remained hidden, for the most part, since it was first purchased in North Carolina in 1968. From '62 to '68, Carroll Shelby built only 350 big-block vehicles, one of which famously reached 186 mph in England in 1964.

According to The New York Times, this August, the car can be seen at a "postwar preservation" class at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in Carmel, California.

"Only a few years ago, Pebble had no preservation class," said Bruce Meyer, a Beverly Hills car collector. "But now there's one in every major concours. Now, when people find cars that are presentable, they're leaving them that way. A classic car is only original once."

The Los Angeles Times also reports that this will be the 18th annual Pebble Beach car show, where some of the most prestigious and sought-after vehicles will be on display for car lovers to enjoy.

"With less than 3,000 miles on the clock, and in this condition, I'm not aware of any Cobra that's more original than CSX3346, said Shelby American Automobile Club registrar Ned Scudder. "It's really quite extraordinary."

Although there is nothing better than owning the original, a replica car kit might be a more feasible option for many. Some classic muscle cars can be so expensive, most people would never even dream of having enough money to afford an original one. A Shelby Cobra kit, however, can provide car lovers with an exact copy, minus the year's of driving and maintenance.

Some roadsters and racing cars can weigh more than 3,400 pounds. But Shelby's vehicles are known for weighing much less. With your own replica kit, you could even go lighter if you put in a smaller engine, depending on if you'd rather have the car be identical to the original specs or an adapted version.

If you want to own your dream car but don't want to sell your entire life's savings, check out Backdraft Racing today!

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