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Unattainable Design Now Within Reach: How To Build Your Own Muscle Car

ac cobra kitThe Perfect Muscle Car
What's fast, sleek, and shiny? Oh, just one of the fastest and most coveted muscle cars in the world: the AC Cobra. This beautiful classic was so fast that manufacturers had to lie about the horsepower in order to appease insurance companies. They actually told insurance providers it had the horsepower of 335, when in reality, it was closer 400. 

The original AC Cobras were fitted with the 260 cu in, a V8 Ford Windsor engine. Unofficially dubbed "Corvette Beaters" despite weighing a full 500 pounds less than the Chevrolet Corvette, the lightweight little coupes were known for their speed. An AC Cobra Coupe famously reached 186 mph in 1964 on a British motorway. And it's all thanks Carroll Shelby, a retired racer turned automotive tinkerer.

The Not-So-Perfect Price Tag
Unfortunately, this timely piece of Americana isn't accessible to everyone -- mostly because of the hefty price tag. Not only that, but there's also an incredibly limited number. Shelby only built 654 small-block Cobras and 350 big-block versions between 1962 and 1968. Depending on the quality, model, and provenance of the original vehicles, they can be priced anywhere from $300,000 to several million. Shelby's own Cobra was auctioned off for $5.3 million.

The Do-It-Yourself Solution You Never Dreamed Of
Instead of spending time and money looking for an original model, you can make your own Cobra using a vehicle you already have. With the AC Cobra kit, you can turn a regular vehicle into the Cobra you've always dreamed of. Whether it be stored safely in your garage, reserved for warm summery days, or for regular use, the AC Cobra kit delivers speed and grace.

Replace the old body and frame of your car with the new parts provided by AC Cobra kits to create an authentic replica and ride around in style. If you upgrade parts and do some Shelby-esque tinkering, you'll be out on the road and track in no time.

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