Backdraft RT3B

Forget everything you have so far considered to be typical of muscle cars and allow the BDR RT3B (Black Edition) to enter your world. The RT3B combines 60's designing with modern day styling. Our race proven roadster has now been refined by incorporating influences from modern day super cars. The RT3B provides the ultimate in quality finishing, with advanced ergonomics and passenger comfort in a spacious interior. It offers lightning quick performance, superb handling, compliant ride comfort and excellent braking ability in a well rounded package that is unrivaled for performance, quality and value. The RT3B has been designed and developed for the person wanting to stand out of the crowd and own one of the most exhilarating cars on the market.

RT3B Features

  • Body
  • Paint
  • Chassis
  • Suspension
  • Cockpit
  • Brakes
  • Exhaust

rt3b bodyRT3B BODY

The body is a high quality, one-piece GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) molding, hand laminated, with extra reinforcing at the wheel arches. We use chopped strand mat of internationally recognized standard, being 450 grams per square meter (15 ounces per square yard), with Isophtalic resin, 3 layers applied over the entire body and a core mat reinforcing layer in strategic places.

The door surrounds, hood and luggage compartment surrounds and other strategic points are also reinforced by applying a chopped fiber compound and an extra layer of glass mat. The doors, hood and trunk lid are double skinned for a smooth finish and added rigidity, with steel inserts in the hinge and lock areas for added durability and strength.

The floor, transmission tunnel, fire wall, front inner wheel wells and luggage compartment are laminated into the main body molding in a jig to ensure accuracy, rigidity and strength. The engine bay and front inner fenders are finished in black gel coat for a smooth appearance, durability and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

rt3b paintwork


After the body has cured in the mold at an ambient temperature, it is removed and inspected before being pre-fitted to the chassis. The body is then transferred to our state of the art paint facility, where it undergoes a rigorous quality inspection prior to any preparation. Any areas of concern are addressed before the paint preparation procedure starts.

The initial phase of the preparation involves the body being filed down and filled wherever necessary. The body is then primed which is post cured in an oven at 75 degrees Celsius for one hour. After the body has cooled it is then dry-flattened before it is presented to our quality control for inspection prior to the paint application. Before the paint can be applied the body receives a final check coat. After the check coat has been inspected the body is ready for the application of the final color. The base coat is followed by three layers of premium clear coat before the car is baked again at 65 degrees celsius for one hour.

After the body has cooled in the oven it is removed and left for 3 days before being flattened and polished to a high gloss. After the body passes the paint work quality control, it is moved over to the final assembly facility.

rt3b chasis

RT3B Chassis

The RT3 B uses our race proven ladder-type chassis which is fabricated in a jig from SAE 1008 2' x 4' hot rolled rectangular steel tubing, with a 1/8” wall thickness, which provides a sturdy chassis, both in beam strength and in torsional rigidity. The chassis is reinforced with laser cut steel gusset plates in several areas for added strength and to rigidize the chassis in high stress areas. The chassis has been designed to accept a race proven independent rear suspension with coil over struts in the front.The differential is fully rubber mounted to the chassis in a cradle, eliminating mechanical differential noise and providing a smooth drive.

In the final manufacturing phase, the chassis is ground and sandblasted as preparation before it is epoxy powder coated for protection from the environment and added visual impact.The chassis is powder coated using a polyester VX powder applied at 40-60 microns. This ensures that your Backdraft Roadster is pleasing to look at even under the skin and adds to its durability and lifespan. It also eases under car maintenance and cleaning.

The car comes equipped with a custom fabricated gas tank. The gas tank is made from Roto-molded Polyethylene and has a capacity of 18 gallons (70 liters)

rt3 front suspension

RT3B Front Suspension

The front suspension features cast lower wishbones with a coil over strut. The strut has been custom fabricated to suit the needs of the Backdraft roadster. We also use a stabilizer bar which assist with the the overall fine tuning of the handling of the car.

rt3 rear suspension

RT3B Rear Suspension

Setting the power safely to the ground is handled by a centrally guided multilink rear suspension.The suspension is fully height adjustable which makes it easier to fine tune for street and track use.The suspension has proven itself both on and off the race track. In conjunction with the front coil over struts you are guaranteed a thrilling driving experience.


RT3B Cockpit

The cockpit of the car features 60's styling combined with modern day features. The car comes fully carpeted with a high grade carpet and an optional suede center section. Overlay mats with bound edges are a standard feature in the cockpit. The seats come upholstered in high quality leather with suede as an option. The driver’s side seat comes standard with an adjustable seat slider . The interior of the car is not only fully functional, but it is also  comfortable and can accommodate a taller driver (in excess of 6”). The interior is completed with a leather rim steering wheel, self canceling turn signal and a full complement of 6 instruments.The instruments featured in the RT3-I are custom laid on a Carbon Fiber dash. The instruments are both functional and and aesthetically pleasing.

rt3b brakes

RT3B Brakes

The roadster features power disc brakes on all four corners. The brakes on the RT3B are upgraded to use a Wilwood 6 piston caliper in the front and a 4 piston caliper in the rear. For additional cooling the rotors come cross drilled. The calipers are feed from a vacuum assisted booster with a dual stroke master cylinder.

rt3b exhaust

RT3B Exhaust

Precision crafted mild steel headers with polished aircraft quality 304 stainless steel side pipes come as standard equipment. Stainless Steel exhaust heat shields are also standard equipment on the Backdraft roadster.These are custom made for the car and can be ceramic coated as an option.

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