Be Prepared: 5 Essential Tools To Carry In Your Hot Rod Kit Car

You're traveling from roadshow to roadshow, and suddenly your newly built hot rod kit car breaks down. To avoid the disaster of being stuck with no way to repair your custom roadster, make sure to have some of these essential tools in your trunk.

hot rod kit car
    1. Spare Tire: Lugging around a spare tire can be burdensome, but when you get a flat tire there is no easier fix than popping on a new one. In order to do this easily, you will need a few other things as well. Next to your spare tire, keep a good scissor jack and lug nut wrench. Test out the jack first to guarantee it will fit underneath any height you need.

    2. Small Air Bubble: If you don't have a spare tire or really can't fit it into your hot rod kit car when you're on the road, take a small air bubble instead. These metal canisters are a bit bulkier than many other tools you might bring along but are far lighter than a spare tire. Buy one made of lightweight aluminum that holds about two gallons, and you will have enough air to pump up your tires when you need to. A similar option is to bring a can of tire inflator/sealer. In a dire situation when your tire starts leaking air, you can hook up the can to the tire's valve stem and the sticky compound in the can will find the tire's leak and fill it with enough pressure to get you to the nearest tire shop.

    3. Tire Pressure Gauge: This tool is not used so much for an emergency but should be kept in your trunk so you can keep tabs on the pressure of all of your tires. This way you avoid an emergency that comes from underinflated tires. You should check the pressure weekly, and especially around changes in seasons. Ambient temperature has a surprisingly large impact on tire pressure. Buy a dial-faced gauge rather than a stick-type one, as it gives a more reliable reading.

    4. Battery Jump Pack or Jumper Cables: These are basics that hopefully anyone who has a vehicle has tucked into their trunks, but are truly essential to have in an emergency on the road. If you choose to keep jumper cables with you, make sure they are heavy-gauge cables with durable, spring-loaded clamps on each end. Getting high-quality cables will make sure you can jump your car with a wider array of cars and trucks that may pass by. If your battery can still take and hold a charge, you can use a battery jump pack instead. Smaller and lighter, a compact battery charger can save your weekend road trip.

    5. Socket and Wrench Set: To cover any basic fixes that may arise, carry a socket and wrench set with you. Ones that come together in a hard carry case keep everything organized and prevents them from rolling around in the trunk. A set that contains a few screwdrivers will also be sure to help you out in any sticky, but easily fixable situations.

Even when your authentic replication car is too hefty or seems complicated to fix, you can do it with the right tools. While cobras are known for weighing less, some racing cars and roadsters weigh up to 3,400 pounds. Don't be daunted by your hot rod kit car's size, and know that you will be able to handle any of its problems with the right tools.