Don't Let it Die: How to Make Your Car Last a Lifetime

If every vehicle that gets produced is meant to perform, why do some do so better than others? Well, besides parts, manufacturing processes, and a few other things, it leaves the driver.

Part of performance is also how long your car lasts. As a driver you want your car to live forever, yet the biggest deciding factor is your actions. If you want to see your car hit a quarter million miles and counting, use these tips to get there.

Regular Maintenance

Admit it, you've noticed a problem with your car but pretended like you didn't so you didn't have to get it serviced right away. Going to the mechanic's costs money and time without a vehicle, so it makes sense that you'd try to push off any visits. The only problem with that is you'll only create bigger problems for yourself and reduce the lifespan of your vehicle. If your daily driver was your favorite muscle car or a custom roadster, you wouldn't ignore problems. If you had one of the original 538 1964 Mark IIs, you wouldn't treat it like you treat your Silverado. So treat your car as if it was gold and get routine maintenance if you want to get more than 200,000 miles.

Pay Attention

Too often do drivers get in and go without taking the time to inspect their vehicle. This is especially true for younger drivers, particularly those who haven't gotten their first car-related bill yet. One of the best ways to preserve your vehicle is to attune yourself to any issues, and you can do so by paying attention. Every so often, inspect your car from the undercarriage to the roof. Look for any oddities or areas where a problem is imminent. Use your sense of smell to detect any issues as well, do you smell gas? Oil? Is there antifreeze sizzling on your engine block? You would also benefit from turning down the radio once in a while and listening to your car. Note anything that might indicate bad timing, poor wheel bearings, or anything else that make distinct sounds.

Drive Less

Ideally, the best way to preserve your car is to drive less. Unfortunately, that's not possible for many people and just about impossible for those who would rather drive than breathe. Even someone with a little Dodge Neon thinks they have a performance driving machine that can beat anyone off of the line. But when you take short trips, your car doesn't have the chance to burn off the water that gets into the system, which can reduce the lifespan of your car. Longer trips are okay since your engine can get up to temperature, but around-town trips aren't all that great.

So even though all of these manufacturing companies want to deliver you a vehicle capable of high-performance driving, that might only last so long before you're on to the next one. Do yourself, your car, and your wallet a favor by following these steps to get your car to last.

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