Futuristic Shelby Cobra Wows Car Enthusiasts

cobra kitsThe Shelby Cobra is an iconic classic car that has been appreciated for its powerful engine and ageless look since 1962. One of the most famous events in the car world was in 1964 when an AC Cobra Coupe reached 186 MPH. The classic design became so popular that many car enthusiasts chose to make their own using cobra kits. But one designer thinks that the Cobra could use a makeover.

Benjamin Hogan, an artist from Boston, has rejuvenated the classic car with a crisp, futuristic look. While it still has the original two-seat, open-top design, most of the other classic features found in the original model are gone. None of the cobra kits used today are quite like this car.

The new model features an open grille, LED headlights, and a front splitter so low it almost touches the ground. On either end of the fascia, two additional vents are located for additional cooling. Like the rest of the body, the windshield is dramatically slanted and angled with sharp lines.

The rear of the car includes two thin stips of LED for taillights along with centrally mounted dual exhaust tips, a retractable rear wing, and an aggressive diffuser. If this car wasn't mounted prominently on the five-spoke wheels, people might see this concept as something that came from Lamborghini or McLaren -- definitely not similar to today's cobra kits.

Unfortunately, this is just a design as of right now. Shelby currently has no plans of reinventing the classic Cobra, but car enthusiasts can keep dreaming.

But with the help of cobra kits, you can own your very own Shelby Cobra replica. Classic cars are extremely valuable -- and also very expensive. The chances of purchasing a classic car are usually pretty slim for the average Joe. Luckily, replica cars have been around for decades and can be put together with a little time and patience.

The first cobra replicas began showing up in the early 1970s. Since then, replicas have ranged from accurate duplicates to cars that barely look like cars.

While cobra kits may sometimes not be the easiest to use, manufacturers around the world are available to help get necessary parts and assistance to those who want their own Cobra. 

The replica industry has improved drastically with the advancements in technology. Many replica companies use 3D printing technology in hand with CAD/CAM software. Technology not only makes the replicas more accurate, but also enhances the safety and durability.

While Hogan's futuristic model may not be on the market, you can have your very own Shelby Cobra with the help of a cobra kit.

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